Robyn Grove
Image of Agent Cleave

Agent Cleave


2018, Oil painting on American Oak panel, 800x1200mm
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Background: Portrait of the person behind the stage persona "Agent Cleave", from Robyn Grove's solo exhibition, "Persona".

Info on the performer: Agt Cleave (@agentcleave) is a mesmerising glam-temptress of the stage, seducing audiences with a combination of performance, song and dance. From cabaret to rock vocals, Cleave pushes and prods our perceptions of the masculine and feminine, while juxtaposing opposites such as glamour and trash, and domination and submission. Some of Cleave’s recent performances and productions include his curated “Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” events, new band “He Cries Diamonds”, and touring as a dancer with the formidable Peaches. Cleave always leaves the audience screaming!

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