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Image of Jun Inoue, Artist

Jun Inoue, Artist


2019, Oil painting on Canvas, 508x610mm
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Background: Painted for the "Portrait of a Painter " group show at Off The Kerb Gallery, 2019

About the sitter: This portrait of Jun Inoue (@hellomynameisjun and is a tribute to an artist who embodies both a culture that inspires, and techniques that captivate me ... and quite the opposite of my own. After one of his live paints I took a series of photos of Jun standing in front of his breathtaking work. With his generous permission, I’ve used these to create this portrait. My typical style contrasted with an attempt to embrace his fluid and lively free-flowing style in the background. A lesson in freeing up.

This is what I said to @postcards_from_writing for the Weekend Notes article: “As an artist, Jun bridges the old and the new, the traditional values and arts of Japan mixed with street art and graffiti movements. His works have an incredible fluidity, with brushstrokes that speak of his calligraphy roots; only he paints with mops and huge brushes, paint pens and water spray. I've seen many of Jun's works displayed here in Melbourne and have witnessed his incredible live painting nights. When Jun paints, he stands before a huge white canvas, music pumping. He meditates on the canvas and starts to move in sync with the beat. He begins to create his brushstrokes in the air, then moves to the canvas and commits them in ink. It's highly contemplative and peaceful, but at the same time fast and powerful. I've never seen anyone paint with such intensity and beauty."

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